Garrison: Archangel Alpha (v0.1.31) now available!

This is just a quick rundown of the big changes. A full change log can be found here.

New Reloading Mechanic

There have been numerous reports regarding the ranged weapons, particularly about how they become useless once the ammo is depleted. In this update, we’ve added a new reloading mechanic to these ranged weapons.

Reloading for the hand weapons are pretty straightforward. They will now work the similarly with the Magnum Barrette, which refills its ammo when you press the Special button for your weapon but without the transforming part. The shotgun is quite different though because it only reloads one at a time instead of refilling the whole clip.

While reloading, you will be unable to move, boost, or attack, but you can still cancel the reload with a dodge or a jump. The reloading animation is quite lengthy so make sure you’re not within the enemy’s range when you reload or you’ll be taking a lot of damage. The Shotgun has a quicker reload animation, however.

As for the shoulder- and rear-mounted ranged weapons, they do not have a manual reload mechanic, but the ammo will be refilled over time. We’ve also changed the way they fire to accommodate this change. Check them out and see how they’ve all changed.

We’re pretty sure this will change the way these weapons are played. We can’t wait to hear more feedback from you all!

Introducing our Champion, Blitz Airmaster!

Back at the start of June, we held a small local tournament at Cosmic Gorgons. There were a lot of great plays and strategies involved in the tournament, one of them is the Champion’s mech: Blitz Airmaster. Sporting dual Burst Rifles, Shoulder Rapid Missiles, and Rear Wing Thrusters, he was able to dominate the air and win the competition.

As recognition for his display of skill, Blitz Airmaster is now added in the roster. You can fight him in the ARCADE or even pilot Blitz Airmaster yourself in CUSTOM GAME.

Body Parts Rebalancing

We’ve updated the stats for some of the body parts in this update, namely the FALCON and the KODIAK frames. We’ve reduced the maximum possible speed for the frames and increased the minimum possible speed. This was done to make slower builds capable of catching up to faster builds especially since faster builds were able to outrun pretty much every other build before.

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can you add a grab attacks