Garrison: Archangel Alpha (v0.1.47) now available!

This update is mostly hotfix update in preparation for the second Cosmic Clash Tournament. A full changelog can be found here.

Boost System Change Adjustment

After dramatically changing the Boost System in our last update, we've adjusted the boost dodge costs so that players can dodge more before going into overload. We've also increased the delay before boost regenerates, but also made boost regenerate faster.

This allows for about the same feel of the frantic dodge and cancel gameplay we've had prior to the change, but with a more well-defined limitation.

Sound Updates

We've added announcer messages for match startup and ending.
We've also added impact sounds for bullet-based weaponry.
More updates to follow as we update the game.

Duel Round Transition Fixes

Several bugs were fixed, such as enemy AI being able to move immediately during followup rounds, and we also adjusted the flow of the game messages inbetween rounds.

Spectate Debug Mode removed

This feature is mainly for internal debug use and our live demos, so we've removed this for now. We are planning to develop it further and iron out the bugs we've noted before releasing for public consumption.

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