Garrison: Archangel Alpha (v0.1.37) now available!

This is just a quick rundown of the big changes. A full change log can be found here.

New Guns and Readjustments to Existing Guns

We have reworked our current lineup of handguns, offering more options. These include a new shotgun and a new assault rifle. They have also been codenamed (as opposed to just ‘shotgun’ and ‘smg’) to differentiate from existing guns of their type.

These are our new guns :

  • Wespe Assault Rifle

  • Molniya Sub-machinegun

  • Dragoon Shotgun

  • Emancipator Shotgun

  • Ranger Burst Rifle

The new guns, Dragoon and Molniya Sub-Machinegun, do not have the reload function from our previous update, but they offer a melee attack and a much larger clip capacity instead. This will bring their functionality closer to the melee supportive weaponry that existed in older versions of the game.

The other three - Wespe, Emancipator and Ranger - retain their reload functionality from the previous update, but have been readjusted to deal more damage, rather than merely being support and utility weapons.

Try them out and see for yourself!

Perfect Guard

We’ve added a new mechanic for the shields: the Perfect Guard. When you raise your shield, you have a very brief period in which your shield will enter a Perfect Guard state. Your shield will flash white when it does.

During this state, all incoming damage, whether armor damage or stability damage, are completely negated. Furthermore, if the incoming attack was a melee attack, the attack will bounce regardless of which attack was used giving you a small opening for a counter-attack. Once perfect guard is over, your shield will continue guarding as usual.

We’re excited to see how you will make use of this new mechanic against your opponents.

In-Game Visual Updates

In this update, we’ve added small changes on the in-game screen.

One of which is the combo and damage counter, which appears for a short period of time whenever you do an attack either ranged or melee.

We’ve also added additional messages in the lower-right corner of the screen on various scenarios such as being destabilized, having no ammo left, and your guard being broken.

Additionally, some missiles will now use your armament’s glow channel for its trail.

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