Garrison: Archangel Alpha (v0.1.44) now available!

This is just a quick rundown of the big changes. A full change log can be found here.

Boost System Changes

Boost in general has been a rather iffy balance case. On one hand, the ability to cancel your states and immediately return to an actionable state is a great ability available to everyone. On the other hand, it also drags games out when people consistently nail their dodge cancels.

The following changes have been made to the boost system:

  • Attacking will briefly stop boost regeneration.

  • Automatic weapons and shields will also stop boost from regenerating during their usage.

  • Using boost abilities will incur a small delay before boost can regenerate again.

  • Dodge canceling out of attacks now costs 1.5x as much as normal, from the previous 2x.

  • Dodge canceling out of stunned/destabilized states costs 3.0x as much as normal, from the previous 2x.

We felt that dodging was too freely used, and was spammed rather than used as an elaborate action. As such, we wanted to make boost a conscious, weighty decision rather than an automatic response.

The boost gauge is now also color-coded depending on your boost state:

  • Red stands for boost being overloaded or unavailable for use

  • Yellow for it being used or having delayed regeneration

  • Cyan for it being available for use

New Game Mode: Duel!

Replacing Arcade's structure and being added to Custom Game comes Duel.

Duel is very similar to how fighting games have rounds that determine a winner, as opposed to one fight. Arcade duels are a First to two wins, while custom game supports up to 4 wins.

Quality of Life: Custom Game saves your last known settings

Now that we're releasing an alternate game mode, game rules you set in Custom Game will retain their last known configuration. This means parameters such as Game Mode, Time, Music, Map, and Duel Wins will be maintained. Mechs and player slot assignments however will not.

64-bit Executables (Experimental)

In this update we’re uploading a new 64-bit executable which should utilize more modern systems. This is still in the experimental phase so please send us your feedback if you’re playing with it!

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