Garrison: Archangel Alpha (v0.1.21) now available!

We've updated the Alpha build to address some game balance issues. This is just a quick rundown of the big changes. A full change log will be posted later.

We have been Greenlit!

In case you haven’t read the previous announcement, we’ve been Greenlit just a few hours before the service closed. We’d like to thank all our supporters for making this possible.

As a thank-you gift, we’ll be adding two new armaments for you guys to play with. We know you all love big explode-y missiles so we added new rear armaments: Rear Arc Missiles and Rear Rapid Missiles. You may have noticed them before being used by preset mechs in the Arcade, namely Valiant Singleton and Bogatyr Muromets. We hope you enjoy these new toys and are looking forward to how you all will make use of them in the future.

New Tutorial Section

There is now a tutorial section accessible in the Title Screen. This tutorial is optional. We recommend new players to try it out at least once to get a feel of how the game works.

Weapon Balancing

During our first official Garrison: Archangel tournament at Cosmic Gorgons, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players regarding some weapons.

One particular weapon that stood out was the Burst Rifle. The champion used a dual Burst Rifle and Rapid Missile setup. It was a very interesting fight considering a lot of players have reported that ranged builds are too weak. The Burst Rifle was primarily meant to deal a lot of armor damage instead of stopping opponents. As such, we’ve improved the armor damage and reduced its stability damage. In effect, we’ve also cut down its max ammo count to accommodate the increase in damage. The maximum possible damage (if all projectiles hit) still remains the same.

The Rear Swarm Missiles were also a bit too powerful after the previous update. We felt it is way too accurate now and pretty much guarantees free damage given the right conditions. We made it a bit less accurate, but not as inaccurate in the first iteration of the demo.

Bug Fixes

As usual, this update contains a number of major and minor bug fixes. This should polish the gameplay more and make the game more stable altogether.

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Version 0.1.21 Jun 16, 2017

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