Garrison: Archangel Alpha (v0.1.18) available now!

We've updated the Alpha build to address some issues reported by players. This is just a quick rundown of the big changes. The full patch notes can be found here.

Regarding Steam Greenlight

As you all know, Steam Greenlight is being retired. Saddened as we are, we will continue to work on the game and push new updates when they are available. We're still being evaluated at the moment of writing, but we are hopeful that we will be Greenlit soon. We hope you will all continue to support us, whether we get Greenlit or not.

Gameplay and Balance Changes

We've added a lot of changes in weapons and the overall gameplay. We've received reports of certain weapons being too weak and some of them being too strong. Here's a short rundown of the weapon changes:

  • The Shotgun has been improved by quite a bit. It now fires more pellets, thus dealing more damage if they all hit when compared to before.
  • The Blutreiter (the axe-scythe) axe mode has been made faster because it felt too slow when the scythe mode is already slow.
  • The Dominus LV3 special attack was deemed too strong for little risk, especially if it misses, so we made it consume the full boost gauge whether it hit or not.

We've also changed how Stability works. Stability is responsible for determining when your mech will be staggered (we call this "destabilized"). There was a bug where stability did not recover if hit by an attack with low stability damage (e.g. SMG). When we fixed it, we felt that the ranged attacks were gimped by the game. So we added a small delay before stability is recovered. This kept the same feel as before. 

There were also reports of the keyboard attack direction detection being too sticky, so we made it less sticky so you can keep doing your sick combos on keyboard. The gamepad is unaffected by this change.

Fixed User-Reported Errors

There were reports of crashing and freezing from some of our players. We hope this update will fix all of those issues. If you are still getting problems, please follow these steps and send us an e-mail with all the important details so we can pinpoint exactly what causes the errors.

More Basic Color Schemes

We've added a few more basic color schemes, but this time they are a bit more special. These color schemes are from our players who’ve impressed us with their great performance at the game. These color schemes are made in recognition of them. 

Schlami was from Carnage Carnival from YouTube. His/her great use of a pure ranged weapon build proved that ranged weapons were not as weak as most people thought it was. 

Meraple was from Meraple H., another YouTube user. His/her amazing spacing and footsies made the Strelka (Pilebunker) stand out, and really shows how good positioning can make the most of your weapons.

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Version 0.1.18 Jun 09, 2017

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We have identified a bug that prevents split-screen multiplayer. A new version (0.1.18b) that fixes this issue has been deployed.